Hallyuen Holdings Limited 
浩源控股有限公司,是一家香港注冊的港資公司,公司主要從事實業投資業務,目前公司在中國內蒙古呼和浩特市投資人民幣20億元,興建浩源新材料科技園,新材料科技園占地2000畝,位於呼和浩特市盛樂經濟區,與可口可樂公司及蒙牛集團毗鄰。 科技園主要項目 碳纖維及碳纖維複合材料的研究及應用 納米材料在印刷上的應用 主要產品 碳纖維複合芯導線 納米防偽墨水 Hallyuen Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong registered company, is mainly engaged in industrial investment and has invested RMB 2 billion yuan to build Hallyuen new materials science park, The park covers an area of 1.32 Square kilometer , located 20 km south of Hohhot, Shengle Business Park, and adjacent to the Coca-Cola company and Mengniu Group. Major projects of Hallyuen new materials Science Park Carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite materials research and application. Nanotech materials in printing applications. The main products carbon fiber composite core conductor and nanotech anti-counterfeiting ink
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