Gammon Security and Technology Ltd
Gammon Security and Technology Ltd
The Anglo East Group (AEG) (
) in Hong Kong is a leading provider of insurance broking, security and delivery services to the retail, wholesale and manufacture jewellery traders on risk management of valuables. Founded in 1984 on a philosophy of providing the highest one-stop service to the trade, our group has continually set the standards of services, reliability and trust in this highly specialized field.
Our subsidiary, Gammon Security & Technology Limited specializes in installing, maintaining and monitoring a full range of security devices, including sophisticated alarm systems, CCTV networks, safes, locks, intercom and access control to protect persons and valuable property. We also have a computerized Central Station service which links a client’s premises directly on 24/7 monitoring. In order to cope with our expansion, we are now looking for the following position: 
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