Antonio Precise Products Manufactory Ltd.
Antonio Precise Products Manufactory Ltd.
Established in 1982, Antonio Precise Products Manufactory Ltd ("ATO") has been renowned for its design and technology in manufacturing top quality headphones and headsets. Not only has ATO achieved outstanding progress. In the past two decades, we also become one of the key market players in the headphones & headsets industries winning remarkable compliment from clients all over the world. The name "
" is self-explanatory to our international success:
- for the Assurance of total quality and complete customer satisfaction.
- the Teamwork that builds the crucial partnerships with our customers.
- for the Originally of our designs and the innovation of our products.
ATO welcome the new millennium with the introduction of the Bluetooth and wireless product series. Cutting-edge technology combines with dynamic design are inspired to provide extra comfort and convenience for daily usage. We even take a bigger stride and extend our product range to Digital Audio MP3. Riding on our expertise in audio equipment. Versatile Mp3 players mixed with various types of headsets and earphones will be inaugurated in 2004.
To cope with the increasing market demand for wireless electronic products, ATO is expanding its manufacturing facilities in high-frequency products including Bluetooth. ATO is now seeking high caliber personnel to fill in the following position:
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