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Introduction: Economist Impact, health policy practice specialises in evidence-based insights and analysis that create impact for leading companies, governments and organisations. Whether informing internal strategic decision making or raising awareness and understanding of an emerging global issue, our interdisciplinary team brings rigor and creativity to analysing the intersection of policy, markets, technology and society. Leveraging the strengths of the Economist Group, we then craft compelling and accessible narratives to communicate these insights to a global audience. The Health Policy practice offers an unbiased view of how to achieve better care, globally but with local relevance. Through trained clinicians, industry consultants, policy & health communication specialists and cross-societal experts, we provide road-maps for establishing best in class interventions and game changing approaches. Our trusted brand and compelling content facilitate unparalleled engagement with key stakeholders in health and a wider audience for practical, actionable dialogue on how best to evolve systems, innovations and collaborations. Currently we are seeking a highly motivated and talented health policy intern to augment our dynamic, global team and growing Health Policy practice. The intern will meaningfully participate in projects around evidence-based clinical research and health policy analyses that drive effective organizational decisions and impactful external engagement.  
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