China Resources Enterprise Limited
    Founded in 1992, China Resources Enterprise Limited is a Hong Kong flagship subsidiary of China Resources Group. CR Enterprise is specialized in integrated consumer products and retailing services. It was the first Hong Kong-listed company of the parent firm and the first among Chinese companies to enter the global capital market. CR Enterprise is a pioneer in industrialized operations, and also a participant and promoter in the integration and improvement of multiple industries such as retail, beer, food, beverage, real estate, cement, and gas. Setting its sights on overseas markets, innovation, and technology, CR Enterprise is committed to introducing talents and scientific research results from other countries.     The coffee business - Pacific Coffee was founded in Hong Kong, China in 1992 and was acquired by CR Enterprise in 2010. Since its debut in the Chinese mainland market in 2011, Pacific Coffee has become a popular coffee chain with nearly 500 stores worldwide.     CR Logistics was first established as Far East Enterprising Company (HK) Limited in Hong Kong in 1948. Currently, CR Logistics has nine dry warehousing facilities and two cold storage buildings with a total storage area of  nearly 4 million square feet, a multi-function container wharf, and a transportation fleet for container haulage and local distribution. In addition, it runs self-built warehouses, docks, and transportation information systems. In Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Qingdao, it has more than 2 million square feet of modern warehouses in total.     Founded in 2002, CRE Properties Hong Kong Limited manages around 630,000 square feet of leased retail properties -- mainly nine commercial properties located in Hong Kong’s core business districts such as Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, and Tsuen Wan. Its subsidiary Yongdali Property Management Co., Ltd provides excellent property management services, managing more than 2 million square feet of  properties in Hong Kong.     With its distribution business aimed at providing Chinese consumers with abundant and high-quality products, CR Enterprise will do its best to deliver good products through good channels. In Hong Kong, CR Enterprise is a competitive and experienced comprehensive distributor in food. On the Chinese Mainland, it relies on more than 3,500 directly operated supermarkets and stores for cooperative sales, with a distribution system of 40-plus supermarkets and stores.     Moreover, CR Enterprise owns CRE Alliance (Cayman) Limited and CR Enterprise SMARTECH, as well as branches in aquatic products.    
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