5-Hour International HK Limited
Introduced in 2004, 5-hour ENERGY® shots rose to become the number 1 energy shot in U.S.A. in just over a decade. The product is a liquid energy shot that provides energy and mental focus that lasts for hours. With B-vitamins, amino acids, zero sugar and only 4 calories, it is the healthier and reliable energy choice for consumers. Today, more than 1 million bottle servings are enjoyed by our fans every day. Our company is looking for people to join us in expanding the billion-dollar 5-hour ENERGY® brand internationally. With footprints in the U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Spain, Portugal, the Netherland and South Africa, we now aim to bring our well-loved product to the Asia region. For more information, visit www.5hourenergy.com/hk
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