Tulip International Design Group Co., Limited 郁 金 香 國 際 設 計 集 團 有 限 公 司
深圳漢沙楊景觀規劃設計有限公司 ,於2006年創立,具有風景園林甲級設計資質,是  鬱金香創意文化發展有限公司  全資設計企業之一。自成立至今,漢沙楊景觀已在地產景觀、休閒度假景觀、路橋景觀、濱水開放空間、公園設計、城市環境整治等領域,完成大量有影響力的設計任務。公司有60余名設計師,其中由獲得技術職稱和註冊執業資格的骨幹專才構成景觀規劃和工程設計的核心技術力量。公司還利用母公司的“建築、景觀、室內設計一體化"的平臺優勢,獲得重要的資金、技術和人才等方面的補充和支援。 漢沙楊景觀宣導——成熟的設計,即在設計中“不是一廂情願的創意",而是充分理解場地和業主的要求,將各項資訊收集和回饋融入設計,使設計成果首先是正確和可執行的工程語言,其次是尊重藝術美感和創意,我們是在務實的條件下實現美與和諧的理想。至2018年底,漢沙楊景觀共完成樓盤景觀項目120餘個,城市環境整治類項目113個,其中有多個項目獲得榮譽,如詹天佑獎、艾景獎以及政府的表彰等。近5年來公司項目多在深圳,在項目分佈和經驗上既有全國市場的廣域拓展也有重點城市的發展深度。漢沙楊景觀團隊正攜夢前行!   SHENZHEN HSY LANDSCAPE PLANNING AND DESIGN COMPANY LIMITED (here in after referred to as HSY) was founded in 2006 as one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Shenzhen Tulip Creative Culture Development Company Ltd.  For over a decade, HSY has completed a great quantity of influential designs in the realms of real estate landscape, leisure and vacation landscape, road and bridge landscape, waterfront open space, park planning, and urban environmental improvement etc. It has more than 60 designers, among which the high-skilled talent persons with technical titles or registration qualification constitute the core of the landscape planning and engineering design department. What's more, thanks to the integrated platform(architecture, landscape and interior design) of its parent group, HSY enjoys the advantages in funds, techniques and skilled personels.  HSY advocates the concept of "mature designing". That is to say, its designers are not just designing by their own wish, but based on the site and the concern of their customers. They first refer to the information and feedback collected, thus making the designs correct and practicable. Then they come to the creative and aesthetic aspect, and seek for the balance between practicality and beauty. Till the end of the year 2018, HSY has completed over 120 real estate landscape projects and 113 urban environmental improvent projects. Among which, there are many award-winning ones, like Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, the IDEA-KING Int'l Landscape Planning & Design Prize, and other government awards and so on. In the last 5 years, the projects HSY has taken are mostly located in Shenzhen. It has not only the nationwide market and project experience, but also that deep down in this particular city. HSY and its landscape design teams are looking forward with their design ideals.  
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