Sharpsight Limited 鋒視有限公司
SharpSight Limited is a high-tech company engaged in the development of high-precision optical inspection systems. To meet rigorous imaging requirements (such as high precision, high speed, multi-dimensional, etc.) in biomedicine and industrial precision machining, we provide one-stop solutions, including the design and production of optical systems (such as imaging systems, lighting systems, etc.), and intelligent analysis software based on deep learning and machine vision. Our major core product, "digital holographic microscopy (DHM)", enables three-dimensional imaging by recording holograms of objects. With the advantages of variable field of view, non-scanning, non-contact, quantitative, real-time, and 3D dynamic imaging, it has more and more applications in areas like scientific research, and precision measurement and inspection. We have had successful cases in pathology slide scanning and analysis, automatic optical inspection (AOI) for components like glass, optical filters and LEDs, and keep exploring new businesses and markets. All our technologies have the completely independent intellectual property rights. Our R&D team members are from internationally renowned universities and have extensive academic and industrial experience in optical system design, computational photography, machine vision, and artificial intelligence.
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