51 Credit Card was established in 2012 and listed on Hong Kong motherboard in 2018. It covers three business sectors: personal credit management service, credit card technology service, online loan matching and investment service. It has 51 credit card stewardship, 51 personality, 51 personality loan and other core APPs, with more than 100 million active users. The company has won awards such as CB Insights "Global Financial Technology Unicorn", KPMG "Top 50 in China's Leading Financial Science and Technology", "Forbes" and "Top 50 in China's Internet Finance". It is the governing unit of China Internet Finance Association, the executive chairman unit of Hangzhou Internet Finance Association and the vice president of Zhejiang Internet Finance Union. President's unit. In May 2012, the company developed an APP "51 Credit Card Housekeeper" which can manage credit card bills intelligently with one button. It mainly provides personal credit management services to credit card holders, helps users manage credit cards and family bills, such as house loans, car loans, water and electricity bills, and provides other value-added services. At present, 51 credit card stewards have upgraded their services to provide users with one-stop personal credit management services, covering the full range of bills that users encounter in their daily lives. Through the high-value user base and personal credit data accumulated by the credit card management platform, 51 credit card has gradually developed a dynamic and self-reinforcing ecosystem to provide users with one-stop personal financial services covering personal credit management services, credit card technology services, online lending matching and investment services. In the aspect of wind control, 51 credit card independently developed a comprehensive system iCredit to improve the company's risk management capabilities. The core of iCredit is big data analysis, which covers the whole wind control process of anti-fraud, credit evaluation, risk measurement and risk pricing. The system uses a huge database, which contains up to 10,000 potential data variables related to borrowers and processed loan applications, and constantly upgrades risk management models with new credit data and technologies. On July 13, 2018, 51 credit cards were officially listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The stock code 2051 became another new economic concept stock listed in Hong Kong. In the future, 51 Credit Card will always uphold the vision of "Let the people with credit live better", keep the original intention and move forward.
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