EF Language Solutions Hong Kong Limited (former Englishtown)
英孚教育成立於1965年,是一家全球教育培訓公司,以「教育,讓世界無界」為企業使命。 英孚在全球各地有諸多學校和辦事處,並擁有優質線上英語學習基地Englishlive。英孚主要致力於語言培訓、出國留學遊學、學位課程和文化交流等專案。 英孚教育致力於長足紮根中國市場,曾擔任2008年北京奧運會語言培訓服務提供者。自1988年以來,英孚已經支援服務六屆奧運會,包括2018年平昌冬季奧運會和即將舉辦的2020年東京奧運會。 英孚還發佈了全球英語熟練度報告(www.ef.com/epi)該報告打破了地域限制,在全球範圍內測試了不同國家成人的英語能力。 Established in 1965 with a mission to open the world through education, EF Education First (EF) is the world's leading international education company which focuses on language, academics, and cultural experience. EF (www.ef.com) has hundreds of schools and offices worldwide and online English learning platform English Live . With long term commitment in China, EF has been selected as the official supplier of language training services for Beijing 2008 Olympics. Since 1988, EF has provided service to Olympic Games for six times, including PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics and the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Each year, EF publishes the English Proficiency Index (www.ef.com/epi) measuring the English ability of adults in countries across the world.
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