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Company details China Tea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Tea”) is one of the 18 specialized companies of COFCO and one of the 12 grain and oil food industry chains of COFCO. With the inheritance and development of the traditional Chinese tea culture as its mission and positioning a whole-category company of brand consumption goods with integrated operation, China Tea adheres to the concept of nature, ecology, safety, and health, and is committed to offering consumers tea-oriented products and related services, based on the brand proposition of "National drink ChinaTea". Founded in 1949, China Tea is the first state-owned company since the founding of the People's Republic of China and has made important contributions to the national economic construction. As a representative of the Chinese tea enterprises, the Company has natural deposition of brand history and consumer trust, ranked first in the list of tea enterprises in the repository of China’s Time-honored Brand as the only whole-category tea enterprise, and also ranked first in the list of top 100 tea enterprises in the tea industry for consecutive years. Over more than half a century, the company's products brought fragrance at home and abroad as a country gift for many times, the brand "ChinaTea" won the high recognition and trust of dealers and consumers at home and abroad, becoming the symbol of Chinese tea.    中國茶葉有限公司 中國茶葉是中糧集團十八個專業化公司之一和集團重點打造的十二條糧油食品產業鏈之一。中國茶葉以繼承和發展中華傳統茶文化為使命,秉承自然、生態、安全、健康的理念,定位於全品類、一體化運營的品牌消費品公司,以“國飲中茶”為品牌主張,致力於向消費者提供以茶葉為主的產品及相關服務。 中國茶葉成立於1949年,是中華人民共和國成立後第一個國有公司,為國家經濟建設做出了重要貢獻。作為中國茶葉企業代表,公司擁有天然的品牌歷史積澱和消費者信賴,在中華老字號資源庫中是唯一一家全品類茶葉企業,且在茶企列表中排名第一,連續多年在茶行業百強中排名第一。半個多世紀以來,公司產品多次作為國禮飄香海內外,“中茶”品牌獲得了海內外經銷商和消費者的高度認同和信賴,成為中國茶葉的象徵。
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