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Job Description Our Company’s principal business activity is the provision of professional consulting service. Our clients include private enterprise, international companies, family enterprises and professional investors. an investment company based in Hong Kong. Due to our fast development, we urgently look for candidates with suitable credentials and experience: 本公司主要提供专业顾问服务,客户包含民营企业,国际企业,家族企业及个人投资者。因着业务发展需求,我司现诚聘以下人才:   Vice President  副總裁   Job Duties & Responsibilities 工作职责 : l   Act as the company’s representative for sourcing, screening, analyzing, negotiating and managing a consulting project ; 代表公司寻找,评估,分析,商讨及管理各个顾问服务项目; l   Sourcing and managing the relationship with the investors or their representatives;  寻找及维持跟各客户的良好关系; l   Providing strategic and professional advice on the development of the company to the Board;  向董事会定期提供有关公司的发展方向的专业及策略性意见。   Requirement 要求 : l   Bachelor degree of above is required. ; Graduate from the top university in the PRC or holder of internationally recognized professional qualification is preferred, but not a must;  大学或以上 ;  持有国内高排名大学的毕业生或国际认可的专业资格持有者优先考虑; l   Fluent (or native) in spoken Mandarin is required. Well verse in other Chinese dialects is preferred but not a must;  必须能操流利国语,能同时操其它国内方言优先考虑; l   15 year+ proven private equity investment or funds management experience is required. Candidate with overseas or Mainland China experience is advantageous; 拥有十五年以上 大型 机构管理经验,有海外或国内相关工作经验优先考虑; l   Possesses strong management and interpersonal skills;  熟练的管理及人际关系经验; l   Able to travel extensively in the Region, when required;  如需要,能经常离港出差公幹; l   Possesses strong understanding and connections of the financial sector in Hong Kong, and preferably in other countries like in Asia like the PRC .  熟悉香港金融市场情况,同时熟悉内地者优先考虑。   This is a senior position within our company. We offer attractive salary, discretionary bonus and medical allowance to the right candidates.  Interested party please contact Mr. Lee with your CV to  by email. 本職位是一高级管理職位。 公司提供優厚待遇,花红及医疗保险给适合人仕。有兴趣者,请把 CV 邮寄到利先生。
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