Gontran Cherrier Asia Pacific Limited
https://www.gontran-cherrier.com/en/ Gontran Cherrier is a French bakery brand reputed and often ranked as one of the top and most creative. Named by name of our charismatic chef – Gontran Cherrier combines the traditional French bakery world with international flavors, bringing a fresh air to the profession. We proposed the French classic such as Bread, Pastries, sandwiches, etc., but also an unconventional & original range as Gontran Cherrier has reworked. Many classics with a fresh touch being one of the very few combining authentically and creativity. Our shops offer an average of over 80 different items daily and we are constantly seeking for new flavors and new taste in order to develop our range and adapt it to local pallets. We also provide a full meal offer of bread base dishes pairing our wide range of breads with salad, cheese, meat and local specialties. Gontran Cherrier definitely quality oriented, the breads only work with quality ingredients, importing its own flour and butter from France. The brand is especially known for its unique croissant look and taste. Founded end of 2011, the brand faced an immediate success and has rapidly expanded beyond the borders of France. As of 2019, Gontran Cherrier Boulanger represents 50 Bakeries in 6 countries. There are already 6 stores in France, 33 stores in Korea, 5 stores in Taiwan, 3 stores in Australia, 2 stores in China, 1 store in Thailand. As of 2019 – 2020, the upcoming new stores will open in California - USA, Argentina, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Japan and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Flagship Store is located in K11 Musea Mall, target open in Mid of September 2019. Bring the top quality bakeries and pastries to Hong Kong.  Come and join with Gontran Cherrier’s family and definitely will have great opportunities and career in the future. 
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