Fat Boy Chicken Limited
Company details Fat Boy Chicken brings the first Bourbon Bar and 'Juke Joint’ to the streets of Hong Kong New to Hong Kong, the city’s first Juke Joint - an American South-eastern State establishment featuring good ole’ music, dancing, drinking and fun times - is set to fling its doors open on Hollywood Road bang in the middle of SoHo summer 2019. The new joint will serve lip-smackin’ red-hot voodoo chicken and an unrivalled bourbon selection. This set-to-be rowdy late night joint ain’t like no other and will bring live music acts straight from the States and will ruffle the feathers of Hong Kong’s food and music scene.   Bikers and ballers can tuck into badass fried chicken, swig shots of bourbon and chug from growlers of Fat Boy IPA . For guys and gals who love deep fried food porn, secret recipes will blow minds. Revelers can stuff their faces with addictive southern-style chicken fried to perfection and obsessively prepared with a blend of toasted whole spices. Drool-worthy dishes include the signature Voodoo Red Hot Fried Chicken ; the Fat Boy O.G (Original Gangster) Chicken Sandwich with outrageously good homemade Brooklyn beer barbecue sauce. The addicting home ground, own toasted coating of Fat Boy’s Original Fried Chicken is enough to drive guests to riot for more. The Blackened Magic Creole Sandwich is made with blackened chicken thigh, tomato chili jam and creamy cheese; and the Mambo Mango Chicken Waffle Cone with mango-habanero hot sauce, and a hot Cheeto dusting will send Hong Kongers off the charts .                     
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