Y&Y Automotive Electronics HK Limited
Job Description Responsibilities: -    Determine the company's development strategy, formulate short - term and medium - term development plans and business objectives -   According to the company's development direction and business characteristics, analyze the future development trend of the industry to ensure the sustainable development of the company -   Overall management of daily operations within the company -   According to the company's business objectives to improve the internal organizational structure and staffing -   Coordinate and manage the affairs between subsidiary and head office -   Communicate on behalf of the company with government departments and related social organizations and institutions   Requirements: -   Master of business administration or above -   At least 10 years related management experience in automotive electronics industry -   Strong communication, leadership and resource integration skills -   Pro-active, open-minded, patient and willing to learn -   Master relevant knowledge of law, finance and taxation, with strong analytical ability and business negotiation ability -    Excellent language skills: English, Chinese, German, Japanese
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