James-Lee Consultancy Limited
Company details James-Lee Consultancy (JLC) and their teams are a caring and friendly guardianship organisation in the United Kingdom (UK) and Hong Kong, providing guardianship and welfare services.   Many members of our staff are multilingual and are former international students themselves. Therefore, we can empathise with our students, their experiences and educational journey. The JLC Guardianship Team act as ‘in loco parentis’ for students whilst they are studying in the UK and more importantly, they serve as mentors and ‘大哥哥’ and ‘大姐姐’ for our Students. The Accommodation Team ensures every accommodation provided to students has been thoroughly inspected and that students are accommodated in a safe, comfortable and clean environment. JLC deals with all educational matters including: providing guardianship services, support and advice for students while they are in the UK, attending school functions, arranging tutoring and accommodation placements. We work with students, parents and legal guardians, overseas agents and schools to ensure that each student under our care has the best possible support network while they are studying in the UK. Our staff attend regular training sessions to ensure that their knowledge in education and child welfare is up-to-date.
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