V-ZUG Hong Kong Co., Limited
Company details V-ZUG is the Swiss market leader for household appliances. It develops, produces and sells high quality appliances for the kitchen and laundry room. Its market position alone obliges V-ZUG to make huge efforts. More than 4,2 million appliances are in use in Switzerland, which means that, statistically speaking, a V-ZUG appliance is helping people to cook, bake, wash the dishes, wash and dry the laundry in every other Swiss household. Established in 1913, V-ZUG Ltd has succeeded in not only maintaining but also expanding its important position. This is thanks primarily to the fact that the laundry room and kitchen appliances from V-ZUG reflect a philosophy that is tailored specifically to the demands of the Swiss customer. Above all else, this includes low consumption levels, longevity and the sparing use of resources.
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