Mafii Impex
Job Description Duties Identify and document stones’ clarity characteristics Examine gems during processing to ensure accuracy of angles and positions of cuts or bores using magnifying glasses, loupes or shadow graphs Advise customers to best use of gems to create jewelry items Estimate wholesale and retail value of gems, following pricing guides, market fluctuations and other relevant economic factors Examine gem surfaces and internal structures using optical instruments to differentiate between stones, identify rare specimens, to detect flaws, defects or peculiarities affecting gem values Assign polish, symmetry and clarity grades to stones, according to established grading systems   Job requirements of Gem Appraiser Requirements 5 years of work experience with diamonds and gemstones Certified training in diamond grading would be an advantage Knowledge of all kinds of gems and usage of equipment and chemicals. Knowledge of gemstone testing equipment Attention to detail to examine gem surfaces and internal structures Examine and identify gemstone materials using standard, high-tech, and specialty gemstone testing equipment. Good at communication to handle client requests
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