Lemarc Agromond Limited
Company details About The Group Lemarc Agromond  is a commodity trading house with the vision of developing under developed producing markets, creating efficient operational procedures on the logistical and financial fronts, boost “tech to farm” partnerships and create market transparency. We are well positioned to “connect the dots” and create  synergetic and strategic long-lasting stronger partnerships. Lemarc Agromond believes in being a centre point of efficiency,a vehicle and platform for strategic partnerships between the various related sectors in the industry. The Team Our team is formed of highly experienced,multi-local and multi-cultural world class professionals dedicated in finding where is it our group can add value,by identifying specific costumers needs around the world and creating tailor made operations from different origins to answer precisely our clients’ requests down to minor details. Global Footprint The company's lean global footprint, allows us utilize our multinational knowledge and enquiries efficiently, understanding that globalization and the speed of information must have and impact on decision making which is key in standing out in today's markets.    
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