Pin Dao
Job Description   Job Description:   1、Responsible for day-to-day operations of the store, human resource, staffs training, etc.   2、Ensure the achievement of sales targets, KPIs and operation efficiency.   3、Lead the team to consistently deliver quality product and service to customers, collect the customer’s feedback.   4、Manage inventory level, movement and delivery schedule, conduct stocktake regularly.   5、Prepare various analysis on the sales figures and operating costs of the store for management review.   Qualifications:   1 、 24 years old or above, more than 2 years of tea drinking chain stores or catering industry management experience is preferred.   2 、 Be familiar with the process of store management, have experience in new store openning and operationing.   3 、 Have strong data analysis ability and logical thinking ability.   4 、 Strong communication and coordination ability, strong sense of service, with innovative spirit and competition. Benefits: 7 days Annual Leave or above HKD:1,000 Full attendance Bonus Annual  Bonus Dietary Benefits 9 working hours + 1 dining hour per day      6 days off per mon  
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