Hsu Fu Chi International Group
Job Description 1. Channel development: use network and exhibition channels to organize and arrange overseas market development and customer development, and plan to establish an overseas sales network."                            2. Brand development: select the appropriate customer authorized dealers, sign agency agreements by region, carry out the promotion of independent brands, and track and evaluate the agents; for different regions, based on the preservation of the brand elements, gradually develop suitable for local overseas regional sub-brands."            3. Customer development and customer maintenance: existing customers and market visits, maintaining customer relationships, understanding customer and market needs and changes, and developing appropriate sales promotion policies"                               4. Cost price profit and business model management: export product cost tracking, price formulation, and customer cooperation terms"                            5. Product development: research and study of overseas markets, understand the needs of overseas markets, plan suitable export products, formulate the company's export market, customer development plans and cooperation models."                              
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