Orientlink (Hong Kong) Limited
Company details Orientlink Limited is a Hong Kong based trading service company established with a view to offer quality product and services to its customers. Orientlink is keen to take the benefit of the free market economy by offering professional service and price advantage deliverables to its customers acquiring the right product in this competitive edge.   Orientlink was established in the year 2002 and has secured significant number of business with large Corporate and Government bodies. It also founded on principle that a Trading Organization should have a technical service division to reflect solid and in-depth commitments to the industry. Orientlink’s ability to plan, implement and manage complex deals is the result of our philosophy and commitment of excellence.   Our business focus is providing support for the full range of activities associated with commodities trading, transportation and logistics. The ability to offer an economical, responsive, flexible and Turnkey solutions to client is our company’s principal strength.   With our business association with the reputed and reliable manufacturers from across the world, we have been able to serve our customers with the best quality of goods at the most economical prices. Committed to provide highest level of customer satisfaction, we also provide our customers materials handling, logistics and shipping expertise according to each customer's special requirement and cargo movement pattern to create sensible transportation option through our subsidiaries.   Orientlink has representative offices in mainland China and Bangladesh. 
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