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Company details About us At Upcentral, our mission is to empower everyone to save time, connect smarter, and return to a meaningful life. Our first product is a super organizer that combines the essential everyday apps into a single integrated super app. Upcentral is currently in stealth mode. Our company is founded by Alvin Hung, a successful serial entrepreneur. Alvin’s other company, Vyond/GoAnimate, is a platform for creating animated videos. Vyond is a tremendous success that has grown from just Alvin in an office to over 100 people located in Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, and Taipei. One of the key reasons to Vyond’s achievement is definitely the people focused culture Alvin created. And this same culture is being created again at Upcentral.   Company Mission These are trying times. Fake news. Instagram envy. The pressure to constantly measure up. And for what? Whoever gets the most likes, whoever has the nicest stuff, isn’t necessarily happier or more fulfilled. There’s no winning at life. We’re here to do what we love, love who we’re with, and make a positive impact along the way. So here’s to returning to what matters: To knowing the difference between followers and friends. To being connected instead of in competition. To following our hearts instead of our feeds. Here’s to living a good life, a meaningful life — a real life.   Core Values We’re a company that believes 100 percent in achieving our full potential, on an individual level and as a team. Here are the shared values that we can all rally behind as we move into the future, together. Keep Growing Shed the fixed mindset that holds you back and tells you that you can only do and learn certain things. There’s always a way to work around obstacles, overcome challenges, and learn from mistakes. By embracing this growth mindset, we’ll achieve things that were never thought possible. Let Curiosity Lead Instead of jumping to judgement, embrace diversity. Be curious. Have the best intentions. This leads to real collaboration, trust, and an environment where we share our thoughts and work happily together. Put We Before Me We’re here for the benefit of our users and company—not for the sport of office politics or the satisfaction of selfish pursuits. When we make the best decision for the team, we all succeed. Make Everyday Count We don’t expect everyone to work crazy hours, but we will work hard. We’re here to make an impact in the world, which means being committed to solving problems and getting the job done. And when we do it right, it gives both our work and the time spent beyond it more meaning. Choose Optimism We’re “glass half full” type of people. While we will inevitably worry about things, we remain eternally optimistic. Positivity brings us energy and leads to better outcomes.   Benefits At Upcentral, we are committed to the well-being and advancement of our team members. We aim to create a workplace that fosters both personal and professional growth. Our benefits include, but not limited to: Open and flat team structure that empowers you to make real impact Friendly and collaborative work environment People focused management that enables you to reach your full potential Birthday holiday Medical insurance Performance-based yearly bonus Video games for breaks Close to Sheung Wan MTR Close to numerous good affordable restaurants The most energizing and inspiring open office in town Free snacks, coffee, and other drinks Beer Fridays!
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