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A BATHING APE® 的創意理念從不間斷,於2012年春夏推出一個充滿活力的全新年輕品牌 AAPE BY A BATHING APE®  (以下簡稱為 Aape ; 讀音 A-A-P-E )。 Aape 針對年輕男裝市場,為15-25歲的潮流新一代設計出一系列簡潔、輕便及時尚元素的服飾,剪裁舒適,適合每天穿著。 Aape 標誌源自 A BATHING APE® 的經典猿人頭像MOONFACE LOGO,其簡潔的圓形面孔,就像年輕版的猿顏一樣,設計鮮明令人印象深刻。合理及大眾化的價格是 Aape 一大賣點,衣飾的品質卻仍能維持高質素的水準,誓必大受年輕的潮流愛好者所歡迎。 A BATHING APE®‘ s creative concepts never ceased to emerge. In the 2012 spring-summer, a brand new young and hip diffusion line  AAPE  BY  A BATHING APE®  ( Aape  for short, reads A-A-P-E ).  Aape  targets the young menswear market. It aims to create a collection of simple, light and fashionable clothes for the new generation of fashionistas aged 15 – 25 years old. With comfortable cuttings, the clothes are for everyday wear. Aape logo stems from  A BATHING APE® ’s classic ape Moonface Logo. The simple round face is like a younger version of the original ape logo. The sharp graphic design strikes a long lasting memory at the first sight.  Aape ’s affordable price range is also a major selling point. However the quality of the clothes is not sacrificed but maintains in sync with the mainline. It’s bound to become a most sought-after brand for the young fashion-loving fans.
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