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BEAMS was founded in 1976 with the goal of changing the culture and customs of Japan's youth. Through the years, BEAMS has been a mirror of its times. The range of products chosen through the BEAMS' EYE are a clear expression of a vision at customers then select and purchase. This form of vision marketing presupposes a deep-seated trust in BEAMS, and this level of trust can only be built upon a history of making the right choices. Recently, customers who frequented BEAMS when it had just opened have begun patronizing the store along with their children. This trust that two generations of customers now place in BEAMS, though trust is a vague and mercurial thing, makes BEAMS believe that their goal of becoming the favored store of a new generation has come some way toward fruition. Keeping poised attention on time, BEAMS aims to be the leading force behind lifestyle and culture. BEAMS是一個非自創性的集合品牌。它創設於1976年,共計有16個獨立品牌,商品路線各異,大多以網羅日本國內與歐洲等地的設計師作品為主,也有少部分自行設計量產的商品。由於商品的式樣和價格符合各年齡層與不同族群的需求,因此在日本十分受到重視。屹立了四分之一個世紀的BEAMS在成立的當時確屬開創新境地的先驅者,它企圖以宏觀的視野去觀察世界各地生活潮流的方向,並將之引進品牌作為「日本流行指標」去思索並努力。BEAMS主要以售賣便服為主,品牌設計主要以美國經典服飾為基本,並加入軍服元素,又融入了運動感,從而反映年輕潮流文化。
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