Hong Kong Photographic Culture Association Limited
Be the change you want to see in the contemporary art world. Be part of the HKIPF. Since 2010, HKIPF has been introducing the most noteworthy photographers and photographic trends to Hong Kong, bridging together visual practitioners local and international to respond to diverse themes creating conversations between cities,peoples, and cultures. In the past nine years, HKIPF have delivered up to 100 exhibitions, numerous masters’ talks, fairs, screenings, workshops, seminars, symposia and guided tours, and many memorable events and happenings. HKIPF will see its first 10th anniversary in 2020. In its next phase, we continue taking a critical and visional role in terms of advancing the conversation about how images and visual culture shape our understanding of our the world and ourselves. We invite you to BRING YOUR PASSION AND IMAGINATION to the Festival audiences. Your input can impact how the Festival would look like, now and in the future. We are searching for new team members in the following capacities:
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