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Hong Kong’s famous home-born brand izzue has been a pioneer in the local fashion scene since its launch in 1999. The brand has grown from a local name to an international fashion house featuring several diffusion lines. Diffusion lines include high fashion IZZUE COLLECTION, military fashion line ARMY, Japanese Harajuku collaboration collection NHIZ and izzuextreme which focuses on down jackets. Since 2002, izzue has expanded across the borders of Hong Kong and landed in mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada and UK’s famous department store SELFRIDGES, growing into an international fashion brand. 香港著名原創品牌 izzue ,始於1999年,一直走在流行服裝設計的最前端,由一個本地品牌發展成擁有多條副線的國際級時尚名字。其副線包括高級系列IZZUE COLLECTION、軍事系列ARMY、日本原宿品牌的聯名系列NHIZ及羽絨系列izzuextreme。自2002年起, izzue 開始沖出香港這個彈丸之地,蹤跡遍佈香港、中國、澳門、臺灣、新加坡、加拿大及英國著名百貨公司SELFRIDGES,成為邁向國際化的時尚品牌。
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