For decades RATIONAL AG’s name has been identified with achieving extraordinary success as a technology based company known for creative application solutions, strong competence in engineering, manufacturing and most of all, customer orientation. RATIONAL is the global market and innovations’ leader in creating technologies for cooking solutions in all levels of commercial food service operations including the haute cuisine. Our global market share has reached 54%. RATIONAL’s brand signifies technological advances, quality and dependability. Our company has consistently earned numerous international honors and awards. Worldwide customers include restaurants, hotels, caterers, supermarkets, delis, fast food chains, hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools, universities, cafeterias and cruise lines. RATIONAL’s most important goal is to provide maximum customer benefit for all kitchen staff who are involved in preparing and cooking food. Our company, headquartered in Germany, employs around 1000 employees, 400 of which are based in foreign subsidiaries. Total annual sales in 2008 were 340 Million euro (~ US$ 480 Million). RATIONAL exports 84% of total output, of which 69% is sold within Europe, 14% in the Americas, 12% in Asia and 5% to other regions. 2008 EBIT was 24%, equity 64% and total market capitalization ( ~ US$1 bn) . RATIONAL therefore is one of the most profitable and most financially stable publicly traded companies on the German stock exchange (M-Dax). Strategically, China is one of our most important, but yet, largely undeveloped markets compared to our overall potential. The Chinese sales subsidiary is located in Shanghai. 20 employees achieved CNY 60 Million in sales in 2008. Since the start-up of our business in 2006 , the company grew exponentially each year. As a consequence, RATIONAL has gained market leadership status in the China.
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