iFAST Financial (HK) Limited

iFAST Corporation Pte Limited (iFAST Corp) is the holding company of iFAST Financial (HK) Limited and iFAST Platform Services (HK) Limited . The Group was established in January 2000 and its subsidiaries in Asia include iFAST Financial Pte Ltd, Singapore''s leading provider of investment administration platform for independent financial advisers and the largest online unit trust distributor.

iFAST Financial (HK) Limited , iFAST Corp’s wholly-owned subsidiary was incorporated in Hong Kong. It holds the Type 1 and 4 licenses, issued by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong in April 2007. Fundsupermart Hong Kong was launched in July 2007 and the iFAST Central Platform for financial advisers was launched in July 2008. The launch of our businesses in Hong Kong marks the first step of our entry to the Greater China market.

iFAST Platform Services (HK) Limited (IPS), iFAST Corp’s wholly-owned subsidiary is the service provider of iFAST Global Prestige (iGP) Platform in Hong Kong. iGP is a transaction recording, portfolio valuation and reporting service for financial advisers and their clients.  IPS was founded in 2006. It has grown rapidly since formation and is now providing services to many financial advisers and financial institutions in the Asia Pacific region. IPS is registered with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

For further information about iFAST Financial (HK) Limited, please visit the Company’s web site:

iFAST Financial (HK) Ltd: www.ifastfinancial.com.hk

Fundsupermart Hong Kong: www.fundsupermart.com.hk

iFAST Platform Services (HK) Ltd:   www.ifastgp.com.hk

iFAST Corporation Pte Ltd: www.ifastcorp.com

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