I.T apparels Limited

I.T rides on a unique multi-brand, multi-layer business model
that only proves to success: a multi-channel approach that caters specifically
to well-defined groups of fashion lovers in targeted regions with distinct
multi-brand stores and single-brand shops. Augmenting this diverse mix are
respected brands from around the world that I.T licenses, and exclusively developed house brands.

I.T, i.t, ete! and double-park are the flagship multi-brand stores,
each appealing to contrasting individuals and tastes while retaining the
passion that our company is renowned for. I.T shops are the home of sophisticated labels at the forefront
of fashion, while i.t is the place for younger shoppers to find the best in
fun, edgy casual wear. Fine footwear and accessories feature in the refined
spaces of the ete! stores. At double-park, the latest in street wear and the
lifestyle that encompasses it are explored in an experimental shopping

New and unknown brands alike are nurtured by I.T and are given the opportunity to test the water
in new markets. If they pass muster with our discerning shoppers, they have the
opportunity to springboard into free-standing stores and even greater exposure.

公司地址 31/F,Tower A, Southmark, Wong Chuck Hong, Hong Kong
聯繫電話 31971206
電子郵箱 shoprecruit@ithk.com.
聯絡人 Wilson Leung
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