Holly Brown was created with the intention to fill a gap in
the market with a coffee company who will take its product offering and
clientele seriously. Holly Brown will deliver industry leading products, an unforgettable
atmosphere and service that will leave the customer feeling important and cared
for. All this contributes to an unrivaled experience. Holly Brown will be a key
player in the move to bring the coffee drinking culture that the world has
embraced to Hong Kong, China and beyond by educating its clients about the art
of coffee. Holly Brown is a stage where great artists will perform. At Holly
Brown, our aim is to bring you the best coffee and gelato experience in Hong

公司地址 皇后大道中93號
聯繫電話 39969790
電子郵箱 hr@hollybrowncoffee.com
聯絡人 黃生
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